John ‘s assistance was invaluable in highlighting to an unlisted company I was considering investing in gaps in their corporate governance and business systems, which need to addressed in order to attract investment. John was flexible with his available times and was very generous with his time. John was exceptionally organised and gave the company specific issues to address at each stage of the process.
Mark Kawecki

John taught me how to raise capital for my start up project, his teachings have had a major impact on the success of my business, my own personal development, as well as making my investment opportunity an instant hit with capital sources. I highly recommend his advice, input, and the training program he built to help innovators raise the capital they need to take their ideas to the world.

Jonathan Worboys

John has worked on a number of startups and had a number of successful exits. From this he has learnt some valuable lessons. Thankfully he is passionate about passing those lessons onto others.We engaged John to help us work on the ‘business of the business’ rather than theoperations. He helped us to see where we needed to concentrate in order to grow and strengthen our business. A key example was showing us our true value points and helping us to achieve a much higher valuation of the company. Vital for us in order to talk with potential investors, banks, etc.

Michael Maher

I leverage John’s skills when looking for ways to grow a client’s business. John guided me through his step by step process, for developing a business. Using his system and sound advice, we developed a business model that would allowed the client’s business to harness global opportunities while reducing the capital requirements to achieve this.

Matt Eades

Recently John took me through a process to guide the growth and development of our business through to a trade sale. His questions were very thought provoking, insightful and gave me clarity. John has experience of taking his businesses through this process several times so his insights are based on experiences from the coal face. VERY VALUABLE!

Robin Power

The aspect of John’s skills that most benefited me is evaluating and prioritising my many ideas, with the benefit being that I now go with the ideas that contain the most value.

Leanne Wooster

John provided invaluable assistance with a difficult business problem, helping the dialogue along, offering well reasoned comments, and generally helping get to a solution.

Robert Proe

“I had the pleasure of working with John with a year running the Melbourne chapter of XL, a network of social entrepreneurs. John stepped up into a leadership role at a time when the organisation was in trouble, and was instrumental in turning it around. Not only is he a brilliant entrepreneur, and one of the rare breed that has multiple successful exits from his enterprises, he is extremely generous, passionate, insightful and a man of integrity. If you in the game of starting, growing and exiting businesses make sure you get John on your team.”

Peter Cook

I had the need to engage John Perry to assist one of my clients … it has built real attraction greatly helping to attract the larger investor. I truly recommend John to other business owners / individuals seeking to raise capital.

John Sanders

John has a wealth of knowledge and is able to share it in a way that is engaging, informative and relaxed … We think John’s great …

Jeanette & Tony Jifkins
Regional Managers XL Melbourne

I have worked with John on R&D … have seen him maintain a strong interest and communication with investors. In the development of export markets in Thailand and Macedonia I have accompanied him in meetings with senior government officials of those countries. I believe he has the personal qualities and industry experience to support his interest in promoting innovation in Australia.

The Mack Partnership Companies

Thank you so much …. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be mentored by you in developing over the longer term … your feed back has already made a huge impact …

Ginny Daniels

Working with John has been a real privilege. When developing any new business it is always challenging to bridge the gap from idea to concept to reality … John’s ‘Activation Framework’ has helped even more … I would recommend John to anybody serious about developing a new business.

Michael Plener

‘When I heard John speak the other night I realised that I have been sitting in the waiting room! thanks John, your words have given me the kick start I need’

Gold Coast

John provided a new perspective on the process of attracting funds … John’s talk obviously resonated with a lot of members, judging by the number of people keen to speak with him afterwards.