Key Messages

“Business people can choose to stand at the heart of regenerative world change by solving our energy, water, agricultural, fishery, transport and socio-economic problems… and profit”

His presentations focus on how and why circumstances for business are fast changing, yet provide the opportunity for profit, whilst improving the way we live.

Presentation themes emphasize attracting and keeping top talent, profit and purpose

His inspiring message, that business can profit from regeneration of the world economy and environment, is none the less down to earth with an understanding of attracting investment, engaging top team members and stakeholders.

Rapid changes in consumer behaviour, manufacturing, financing and the needs and demands of key team members, forces business to break the boundaries of industrial age thinking and demonstrate new values in business with positive global influence.

Presentation topics include:

  • What it really takes to transform an idea from just an idea to a thriving enterprise;
  • How an enterprise can get new team members and funding to maximise value
  • How to galvanize a team and keep the top performers interested and ‘on board’
  • How creating Congruent Momentum builds assets and growth
  • What a start-up or established business needs to do, to align profit and legacy.
  • What it really takes to be Future-Focused, Change-Read and Action-Oriented
  • Why not knowing how to innovate new value will leave a CEO stuck, frustrated, and with a declining share value.