About Increasing Returns


In many advanced economies, including Australia, mainstream politics is performing poorly and trust in government, to offer clarity and direction, is at an unthinkably low ebb, so it falls to business to keep communities moving toward positive global change.


We are leaders in generating wealth from uniting innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs and investors in creating high value commercial propositions. Demonstrating how to increase the ‘size of the pie’, to create plenty for all.


We aspire to increasing quality of life now and for future generations, through the power of committed people and enterprises.


Our values are Prosperity, Responsibility and Integrity. We see a key metric of wealth is healthy metabolic and metaphysical quality of life.


We support each person’s unique source of value in the context of an interactive global social, economic and value system.


We encourage thinking in terms of wholes, systems, frameworks in order to provide the context for an individual to explore value and assets generation.